Wild Horse Turquoise Necklace

Wild Horse Turquoise Necklace

SKU: 30411

Item #30411 Wild Horse Turquoise Necklace. This necklace is absolutely outstanding! It features eight strands of very rare, hand strung Wild Horse Turquoise beads which are beautifully accented with Navajo pearls that are handmade, seamless copper -- also known as JCK  beads. The Turquoise is a lovely blend of cream and light brown shades. The necklace is finished with Copper and matching stone end beads and an adjustable Copper chain with a toggle closure. The large, hammered Copper Cross Pendant is hand made and signed by Native American, Douglas Etsity. The necklace length is about 23 3/4" with the shortest length approximately 17 1/2". The Pendant floats but is not removable. This necklace is definitely one of a kind! It proudly displays the intricate hand strung bead work and over 20 hours of skilled workmanship! This unique necklace is a definite head turner and shows pride of ownership! $395 FREE SHIPPING Created by: Patsy Stormont



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