Faceted Sleeping Beauty Earrings

Faceted Sleeping Beauty Earrings

SKU: 21905

Item # 21905.    Faceted Sleeping Beauty Earrings.   Sleeping Beauty Turquoise was mined in Globe, Arizona, and got its name from a nearby mountain which resembled a woman lying on her back with her arms crossed over her chest....just like Sleeping Beauty!   This turquoise was a favorite of the Zuni Indian tribe and is valued because of its pure sky blue color and the fact that there is no matrix or lines of color in the stone.   The mine is now closed and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is becoming very difficult to find and is also getting very pricey.    This lovely stone is said to improve speaking abilities and enhance the throat chakra.   The faceted stones are set in Sterling Silver and the earrings are about 2 1/8" from top of wires.   $65.00,  includes FREE SHIPPING



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