Bear Fetish Necklace

Bear Fetish Necklace

SKU: 30526

Item # 30526.   Bear Fetish Necklace.   This is a one of a kind piece featuring natural Arizona Turquoise beads interspersed with Zuni and Navajo hand cut fetish bears.    In the Zuni tribe the bear fetish relates to medicine and for the Navajo people, it is a Spirit animal and is believed to have healing powers! These Fetish Bears are a mix of Wild Horse Turquoise, Mojave Green Turquoise, Sugilite, Leopard Skin Jasper, Red Jasper and Spotted Jaspers.   The lovely Navajo hand made lizard clasp is Sterling Silver.    This necklace is 37" long and is long enough to double.   This necklace looks great with other pieces of jewelry and can be worn with most colors!    $125 Artist: Patsy Stormont



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