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Meet The Team

The team at Colorado Turquoise Jewelry is small but is experienced, skilled, and most of all, friendly. This amazing group of people is such a huge part of what makes your online shopping experience as enjoyable and satisfying as can be.



Owner, CEO, Artist and Designer

Patsy worked in the diamond and jewelry business for several years. She has always been drawn to South West jewelry and Turquoises in particular but was never able to pay the high prices most vendors demanded. She decided to start making her own! Her goal was to make unique and one of a kind designs and sell them to others at a reasonable and affordable price. She works from her home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She uses only the finest quality stones and Turquoise.  Patsy  has several  retail outlets who sell her jewelry and also has a following of dedicated customers who collect her Turquoise creations. She has just recently expanded to online  sales because she wanted to be able to give her customers a more personal and hands on shopping experience. Through her website and online store you are dealing directly with the owner of the company and in most cases she has personally created your piece of jewelry. Through this personal contact she is also able to do custom orders and create a piece of jewelry designed for and by you!


Judi Meadvin

Marketing and Customer Satisfaction

Judi has been a customer of Colorado Turquoise for several years and knows first hand the beauty and quality of these unique and one of a kind pieces. She has known Patsy Stormont for many years and is proud to be an integral part of her company. Judi's goals are to grow the business and help build a customer base who loves Patsy's creations as much as she does!

The team here at Colorado Turquoise Jewelry is ready and waiting to hear from you.  

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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